A Tree Stood In The Forest

Cái cây đứng giữa rừng

Confusing dreams
Passion leaped out of no where
Little smoke first then all of a sudden
All consuming fire raged the sky
That was seen by no one
But him!

Painful nights
Morning lights don’t help much
Thoughts so sharp they pierce
Through quiet air; so colourful, vivid
Yet utterly alone
Make me wonder
If they are even real

In a disquiet heart
The tree stood in the forest
Searching the vast sky for an answer
Wondering why it was there
Then fell down

Silent screams
Still echo in the forest
Centuries later, thunderously felt
By kindred strangers, who are tortured
By the same dreams at night
An obscure comfort
Comes over me./.

May 30, 2019
Gnocchi Artyst

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