“But They Are All Sad Songs!”

People keep telling me that my songs are so sad. The other night a friend repeated that, and I got blazing mad! 

I guess I just didn’t want to feel afraid of writing sad songs. I didn’t want to have to think – whenever I write or sing a new song – whether people are going to complain, “Another sad song?” 

I still have too much in me that I want to say and sing about to sit there and worry about that, damn it! I told the friend, “You’re not gonna get a light happy fun song here. Just forget it, ok?” 

Well, I promise I won’t hate you if you don’t like my songs. It’s not your fault, they are heavy stuff! Even I don’t like to listen to them at times! But my artist self is at the happiest when I write and sing them. And I need my total freedom to do that.

So next time, please don’t tell me, “Your songs are so sad!” Tell me something I don’t already know, okay? 😜

* I’ve just started a new section for the website, called Poems. The first poem I posted here is called I Know The Dreams You Had.

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