I cannot lose myself for you
I cannot and will not,
‘Cause if I do, I’ll lose

I want you, that’s true!
But wanting is a treacherous path
I ache when I walk
In the dark

Oh, there must be light
Somewhere at the end
But how will I manage
Until then?

I’ve thought of staying away
Maybe I’m not cut out
For the hurts, but who is

I guess there isn’t an answer for me
I’ll have to take it by the day
Keep going where
It leads me

And if I trip and fall head first
In the stormy night that I can’t see through
My face’s bloody
And my heart’s blue

I’ll pick myself up and I’ll walk
‘Cause deep and dear within there’s a part
That cannot and will not
Be crushed./.

Aug 12, 2020
Gnocchi Artyst

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