Dare To Suck

I’ve just finished a two-week design project, and am quite pleased with the result even though I was quite nervous at the start. I told my younger sister, “I was worried that it would be a failure, that it would be bad.” And she said, “You’re an artist, Bé Béo [the nickname my family calls me by]. How could it be bad?” And I chuckled quietly, I wish I had that much confidence in myself!

One of the things I learned from it is “Dare To Suck”. The project was something that I was not experienced in, and I had thought of hiring someone to do it, but decided to do it myself as I wanted to see if I could pull it off. There were times I would call my sister just to vent about how ugly it looked, only to immediately ask her, “But how about this? And what do you think of that? Or maybe this…” and then I forgot all about my “failures” and just had fun with what I was doing…

These photos are of my dining table. I thought of getting some flowers for it, but didn’t have an idea of what flower. So I walked to the flower shop nearby and asked for “something blue, or maybe violet…” and then ended up with this. It looked quite fitting to me. Pretty simple, but elegant, in the crisp winter morning. And I thought, moments like this make life pretty fun to live.

Still life
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