Everything I’ve Got

Well, you know it’s true
The deeper I’m in love with you
The harder I will strike 
Just feel all these feelings in me
And you’ll see 

She said, “One more night
Just one more night!”
I don’t wanna play
With your heart or mine
But God sometimes
Is very unkind!

Whenever I catch this flu-like
Feeling, I’m shattered
To the bones,
And nothing seems to help
But I tell myself, “Just one more step
Baby steps, baby steps…”

So give me a little while
I’ll gather my pieces
And I’ll be back
To face these pressing problems of life
Though in the grand scheme of Time
I’m not sure if they really matter much!

And if you wanna kiss me
Kiss me sweet
‘Cause I don’t really have the courage
But I’m desperate
For a relatively happy ending
And if I could only be certain about one thing
In life, I’d want it to be this!

Somewhere in my heart bleeds
I pray to God not to harden it
For I cannot give what I have not…

Now if you wanna take me
Take me by surprise
You know I’m different in the mind
And if I ever reach the highest height
It will not be because I’m the best
It will be ‘cause I’m giving forth
Bursting out of me, everything I’ve got./.

Mar 09, 2020
Gnocchi Artyst

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