Lyrics: Song Eight (Tonight)

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Suddenly it comes
Tonight is the last time I pray for us
I need to stop for my own sanity
If all this has just been a fantasy
Then it’s a dangerous place to be!

So I kill the flame
And shut down the hope
I don’t feel too much pain, but I feel sad
I say my prayers like I did
Every night since I met you

But it will be the last time that I do
For the last bit of hope that I’ve had
There isn’t a plan, just what feels true
Tonight comes the time to stop
In the same way as it started

I’ve never prayed for any love before
And am not sure I’ll ever do it again
But maybe it’s the sign that your soul’s released my heart
Like I asked it to,
“If you don’t love me, set me free!”

Or maybe the heart’s got tired and moved on
I’ve never seen it linger too long
Once it’s made up its mind, there’s no looking behind
‘Cause there’s just so much to take in sight
Pulsing, pulling at me on this wild adventure called Life!

Still I wish you were here
There’s so much we could do if we were near
Imagine all the laughs we would have
And the growth in each other we would inspire
But the time comes to stop

Mar 15, 2019
Gnocchi Artyst

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