Lyrics: Song Eleven (Head In The Clouds)

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Head In The Clouds

Sound of motorbikes
Still brings me back to that time
When the sepia sunlight
Cut across the L.A. freeways
And set my heart ablaze

I thought I’d put it to rest
Threw out the key and locked the chest
For years that sound had stirred me
‘Till I realized
My head was in the clouds

Head in the clouds
Afraid to fall down
Afraid my feet would touch the ground
But my hands were grasping air…

* * *

Sound of motorbikes
Somehow blended with your face
And the Calif sunlight
Into a dream I held
For quite a long time

I put the best I’d got
All my senses into one major shot
Having been inspired by your glory days
‘Till I realized
Your head was in the clouds

Head in the clouds
One can be too proud
Clinging to the gilded throne you were bestowed
You’ve turned into a bore… (I’m sorry to say!)

* * *

I’ve let it all go
Don’t think of you as often now
I’ve found new things to love
Things that make me grow
Things I want to sing about

But on this early spring day
In this part of town, the vrooming sound
Still makes my heart skip a beat
Makes me wonder
Is my head still in the clouds?

Head in the clouds
All my dreams of those years
Had little to do with you
And more with my longing to love…

* * *

Well, tell me, Luce
What are you try’na find?
I told myself I didn’t want that life
But what life do I want?
What did I really find
Putting my head
Up in those clouds?
We’re not that different somehow
With our heads
Up in the clouds

Heads in the clouds
Afraid to fall down
Afraid our feet would touch the ground
But our hands were grasping on thin air…

* * *

Head in the clouds
Things are turned upside down
Head in the clouds
The beautiful clouds…

May 23, 2019
Gnocchi Artyst

Song Eleven (Head In The Clouds)
Written by Gnocchi Artyst (May 23, 2019).
Original in English, translation in Vietnamese.
Copyright © 2019 — Please do not use without permission.

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