Lyrics: Song Nine (A Heart of Bitter)

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A Heart of Bitter

You’ve lived a life, a life of anger
A heart, a heart of bitter
People just wonder why
Since life doesn’t seem to treat you unkind

You’ve got a husband and two sons
They’re with their flaws, but they love you
You got a job that you’d been at until you retired
Your life doesn’t seem to have had many big waves
Yet underneath there’s a storm of hatred always brewing…

I’ve caught a glimpse of your clear sky at times
It was just like any other clear sky
Blue and high
And I’ve felt the warmth from your sun
But black clouds came too often
Cold harsh rains poured on those who near you
Until they couldn’t stand and ran away…

Oh, I know the hate that you feel
It comes from deep inside
Hidden, poisonous
It’s not people that you distrust
It’s not for them you feel no respect
But not many know that, not even you!

It’s fear and greed that they see on your face
It’s fear and greed that occupy your mind…

* * *

You’ve lived a life of anger
A heart of bitter
People just wonder why
Since life doesn’t seem to treat you unkind

You told me you don’t feel happy anywhere
But when the sky was clear
Which was few and far in between
I caught a glimpse of your star
When you least expected it
It suddenly shined
So bright!

A gift you were given at birth
An uncanny sensitivity
In just a few words
You described what happened
In only a few strokes
You brought me back
To the war you knew in your childhood

What a gift!
But you do nothing with it
A piece of yourself that’s been denied
‘Cause it’s useless!
It earns you no money
It gives you no success!

You’ve never made good use of your gift
You’ve never allowed yourself to take the lift
For once, out of the ordinary
You don’t let your star shine
For any soul
Not even your own…

* * *

Now the nights are filling your ears with lies
And the days are fading you away
One day you will pass
One may just wonder,
Have you ever truly lived at all?
And it’s a pity ‘cause you’ve been loved
But it’s everybody else’s fault!
Such a slippery slope…

Whenever I think of you now
I think of the smell of oil stoves
And the gentle green breeze on the balcony of your house
That I used to love when I was a child
But all that used to be is now just a memory./.

Mar 31, 2019
Gnocchi Artyst

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