Official launch of the website

Oct 26, 2019 — Today is the day I officially launch this website, my music and poetry site! It’s bilingual, in English and Vietnamese.

It can be accessed via both domain names:  (English) and (Vietnamese).

I built the site myself during the past two weeks. I haven’t built a website for a long time, almost 10 years now, and was a bit worried. But as it turned out, I was able to catch up quickly. It looks alright, no?

I started writing songs and poems in late September 2018. Now a year later, and after 12 songs and 81 poems, I thought it was about time to launch this website.

I’m reminding myself often that this website is less of a promotional tool, and more of a place for communicating my ideas and thoughts. It’s a personal platform where I can share my materials with the focus and aesthetics that I want. And if it doesn’t have a certain degree of self-revelation, it’s not worth the time to write, or read.

But putting myself out there, I’m also afraid. One can never guess what people will say or do. And words can hurt as much as sticks and stones. Because of that I don’t want a big audience just yet. At least not for a while, so that my mind can be free to create more quality works, before I have to deal with the ugly side of publicity, of putting myself out there for the world to see. I don’t want fame overnight, or a fortune fall into my lap. Those things would kill me. That’s why I rarely buy lottery tickets.

For me, larger than the wish to make a great deal of money, greater than the desire to be liked and admired, is the need to make works that speak my heart. That’s the thing that makes me feel most alive and having lived.

So what’s next? Well, first thing to do after this is to have a recording of my latest song, “Head In The Clouds”. And then to look into releasing my songs through streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and others… so that they can be more accessible. A big reason for doing that now is that I don’t want them to be stolen down the road. The more I put them out there for people to see, the less that could happen, I think.

In the mean time, thank you for stopping by! And if you’d like to give me your thoughts on this website, drop me a line below. 🙂

Gnocchi Artyst

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