Said I Don’t Mind

Sun set on residential building

Said I don’t mind
But it is killing me
This waiting for nothing
Makes me aware of everything
That I’m afraid of!

Said I don’t mind
But it is bringing up
My self doubts
Taking me away from my best work
I don’t like my sad self!

Said I don’t mind
But why does it take so long?
Your smiling emoticons
My pain is rising with every tick-tock
What am I waiting for?

Said I don’t mind
But please hurry up
It’s killing me here
I’m mostly fine but at times so sad
Gotta go climb the stairs!

Said I don’t mind
Yeah, I said I don’t mind
But you know, one day
I’ll let go of the rope and I’ll say,
“Fuck patience!”

Dec 08, 2018
Gnocchi Artyst

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