Song Eight (Tonight)

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There’re still a couple of songs remaining from the “Home country visit” series, but this new song just jumped in and interupted the queue.

I had a lot of fun working on it. Musically it’s an experiment, in which I used unusual chord progression and switched keys several times to create tension and release. I used 11 out of the 12 musical notes, instead of 7 as in normal pop songs. I wrote it on the piano originally, and when translating to guitar, got so many barred chords to deal with that it hurt my left hand (I’m not much of a guitar player, or a player of any other instrument, really). I also experimented with my voice.

This song took me the longest to write and record so far. One full week. So many recordings. There were nights, after working too long on it, I listened to what I’d just recorded, and thought it was garbage. I went to bed disappointed and frustrated, but the next morning I listened to it again and found that I had something good in there, so I kept working on it. This final recording was done a couple of nights ago, after I had downed two glasses of white wine, and just picked up the guitar and sang it straight through. And I said to myself that’s it, no more recording. No editing either. Just it.

Now tax time is coming, so I’m going to have to slow down a bit with songwriting. I’m a business owner, gotta do my stressful tax. There’re still some songs remaining from the previous series, and a new lyrics I jotted down the other day during breakfast that I really like. These songs are coming faster than I can handle, but I thank God they come.

Song Eight (Tonight)
Written and performed by Gnocchi Artyst (March 2019).
Subtitled in English and Vietnamese.
Copyright © 2019 — Please do not use without permission.

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