Song Eleven (Head In The Clouds)

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Hello Saturday!

The sky has been grey where I live for the last few days. Fall is ready to leave, and Winter is almost here. 

Recording this song was fun! The rhythm made me move involuntarily to and fro in front of the mic like a rock star!

But what makes it more memorable is the conversation I had with my older sister when I sent her a draft recording.

My sister: What is the context you wrote the song?

Me: Funny! People always ask these questions: what’s the context, who’s the person…blah blah blah… I’m an artist, I write from all kinds of source!

My sister: I am a practical person. It’s hard for me to understand the song without some clues. I can’t connect to the sound of motorbikes, sunlights, head in the clouds 😜

Me: Of course you can’t! Because you haven’t experienced that yourself. But you can connect to other things in the song that you have experienced. That’s it. Each individual takes from, and ADDS TO, the songs with their own life experience.

Well, that’s what I hope you will do anyway. 🙂

And if you’d like to give me your thoughts about the song, drop me a line below.

Song Eleven (Head In The Clouds)
Written and performed by Gnocchi Artyst (September 2019).
Subtitled in English and Vietnamese.
Copyright © 2019 — Please do not use without permission.

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