Song Ten (Spring)

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I recorded this song on the piano in my building’s lobby. It was out of tune, and some of the keys were broken and didn’t make any sound. Still, it was much more expressive than the little digital piano that I had. It made me fall in love with the sounds of an acoustic piano.

So I went searching for a piano, and after a few days, found a lovely grand piano that was made in 1938 in Toronto, with a set of ivory keys that were still intact. The key action was so smooth. And the price fit my small budget too. But then I panicked!

Now mind you, I can’t play much of a piano, or a guitar for that matter. Being completely self-taught, I’ve just made do with what little I’ve got to write my songs and sing them. I do it out of joy and out of the need to express myself. Never thought of myself as a singer, never thought of myself as a musician. And so acquiring a grand piano, with its grand voice and presence, seemed like too strong a step! On the one hand, I felt excited at the thought of how much expression I can add to my performance with a real piano. On the other hand, I felt scared that the piano would solidify the prospects of a lonely path I’m taking on.

So I panicked, and I didn’t get it. And so this song was recorded with the broken, out of tune piano in the lobby. Well, it was only true to form: one makes do with what one’s got! At least, my mom liked it better than the version I accompanied myself with a guitar.

I’m dedicating this song to my oldest sister. When she first heard the poem, she immediately asked me to turn it into a song. So this one is for you, Big Sis! Hope you like it. (Written on Jul 19, 2019)

Song Ten (Spring)
Written and performed by Gnocchi Artyst (June 2019).
Subtitled in English and Vietnamese.
Copyright © 2019 — Please do not use without permission.

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