Stray Cat


Stray cat
You passed through this life too fast
Like a little comet
Flashing up a corner of the sky
Before disappearing into the dark night

Stray cat
Do you remember the happy days
When you were a nobody
Roaming through the empty alleys
Singing your heart out to the stars up high?

Stray cat
Life’d taken you on a whirlwind journey
And now you sat there in front of me
With the same shy smile on your face
But there were dark clouds in those eyes

Stray cat
Our chance encounter of years past
Was an ordinary moment of an ordinary day
But you said, “thank you, it changed my life!”
You said it’d been a fun ride

Stray cat
When you let go of your last breath
Light as the morning dew
Streaking down my dirty window pane
I looked up and you were gone…

Stray cat
Yours was a quick visit
I stay here until my time
But if we pass by each other in another life
Will you greet me with your shy smile?

June 25, 2020
Gnocchi Artyst

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