Stupidity Kills

I don’t know if you ever realize it
That your stupidity kills!
Not the ignorant kind
Where one doesn’t know much
But the stupid type
Who holds fast to to their stupidity
Despite of reality
That type kills!

It can kill one person,
A few people, or hundreds of thousands
And once it’s done
You surely give it your justification
That, my friend,
Makes me no longer want you as a friend
That, my friend,
Gives you the deeply hidden shame!

Your twisted mind
Your bent reality
You throw yourself into the deep hole of conspiracy theories
And you refuse to get out
You refuse to get out!
From your hole you spit your venom
You think it makes you special
You think it makes you “in the know”

Your stupidity can kill even yourself!
On your dying breath you say,
“I die for my cause!”
Not many cry for you
Some quickly dismiss you
While others can’t wait to make you
A martyr for their own causes!

And from hell or heaven,
Or whatever that place is that the dead go to,
From there you look up, or down,
And see your death played out
I wonder if by then you will realize,
With the added wisdom of eternity,
That your stupidity

Feb 24, 2021
Gnocchi Artyst

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