You never know when passion will strike
Like an earthquake shaking up your sky
Crack open your guarded heart
And fill it up with fire

For one moment, you never feel so alive!
But the next you just want to die
Scorching, scorching fire
Burning you up from inside

Should you run, or should you stay?
Go back to being half-alive
Or stay, and be destroyed by the fire
Born to lose in the game of Fate?

Anxiously you paced the deep dark night
Despaired to see the crack of dawn’s lights
No answer to be found, no relief in sight
Oh Thomas, would you go on or give up the fight?

The characters you wrote, they all chose to die
Forcefully let themselves be burnt to ashes by the fire
You managed to kill it and trotted back to life
A life with dignity, protected with all your might
Yet on your last day you wondered aloud,
“Have I been cowardly or brave?”

Jul 08, 2019
Gnocchi Artyst

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