Jazz, Baby!

Baby, come here, love
Let us eat a ripe mango Mango
On this breezy summer day
While listening to Miles Davis play
Jazz in Paris

Yeah, jazz, baby!
And your sweet mangos
The taste of every note
Dripping in my mouth
Doo dah doo di doo…

Yeah, baby, love
Is like a sweet mango
On a summer day
With nothing to do but play
Doo dah doo di doo…

The clouds are so white
And the sky is so blue
The lights are dancing with the leaves
In a fast rhythm
Doo dah doo di doo…

The hot sun bites
Its jealous teeth into your skin
But the breeze blows the pain away
With gentle little kisses
That last forever, baby

Let’s make it an eternity
This lovely summer day
Us eating a sweet mango
While Miles Davis plays
Jazz, baby!

Jun 11, 2020
Gnocchi Artyst

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